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Lugnets Bed & Breakfast is located near Sofiebergsåsens Naturreservat about 10-15 minuters car drive from Eskilstuna.




  • We have 4 cabins with 2 beds in each.
    The beds consist of two / family bed where the lower bed is wider (120 cm).


  • One cabin is reserved for allergy sufferers and all cabins have extra beds if necessary.


There are folding tables and chairs if you want to sit out on his own porch.


In the Big Cabin there are table and chairs for 8-10 people, small fridge, microwave and hob.


Shower, sink and toilet are in separate cabin.


Then it's hilly terrain (cottages standing on a boulder), it is not wheelchair friendly.



GPS: 16 degrees 39' 44'' E   59 degrees 24' 14'' N


By train from Stockholm:
Train to Eskilstuna, get off in Strängnäs and take bus 220 towards Eskilstuna, get off at Kjula Kiosk.
Travel time by train about 50 min. and with the bus 15 min.



By bus from Eskilstuna:
Bus 220 towards Strängnäs go of Kjula Kiosk. Travel time about 10 min.



From Eskilstuna Travel time: about 10-15 minutes. by car. E20 to Stockholm / Strängnäs exit Eskilstuna East then left towards Strängnäs.
Run off to the left at the LH products against Jäder / Björsund. At Kjula Church turn left on dirt road towards Sofiebergåsens Naturreservat. After 1km, you are there.



From Stockholm Travel time: about 1 hr. by car.
E20 to Gothenburg / Strängnäs. Take the exit Kjula to right, driving through Kjula on Kyrkvägen.
At Kjula Church's sign towards Eskilstuna 11 km, turn left at the STOP sign running sharply to the right and shortly after entering the left of the dirt road towards Sofiebergåsens Naturreservat. After 1km, you are there.




Welcome to peace and tranquility.

Sofiebergsåsen Naturreservat
Limestone quarry

Parken Zoo
Fariytale path Malmköping
Troll Walking Flen
Sundbyholms Castle
Stora Sundby Castle




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Kjulaby Lugnet